Welcome message from the bishop of Eichstätt

Gregor Maria Hanke OSB

Dear sisters and brothers,

the third Conference on the Theology of the Body in Eichstätt puts forth the question “Is it possible to love this way?” Is it possible to love in a way that corresponds to our inner longing for unflawed companionship as well as absolute affirmation and acceptance? Pope St. John Paul II gave us the answer in his series of catecheses on human love: human beings cannot accomplish this on their own. It is only the encounter with God that makes possible the comprehensive loving encounter people have longed for forever. 

I am delighted that the conference organizers succeeded once again in bringing together top-class  speakers from all over the world church and beyond. Thus the encounter between people from different religious and cultural backgrounds, discussing matters of marriage and family, can be continued. 


I thank the organizers and speakers for their tireless work and hope to be able to welcome you at the conference in Eichstätt in November 2017!


Gregor Maria Hanke OSB

Bishop of Eichstätt