Previous Conferences

The conferences on the theology of the body have a history. This year's fourth conference is based on the purpose and results of the three previous meetings in 2017, 2014, and 2011. 


Is it Possible to Love this Way?  

3rd International Conference on the Theology of the Body by John Paul II.

Eichstätt, November 2017


With our third conference we asked the question of the livability of the theology of the body especially in difficult circumstances of life, and made a bridge to some social questions. This included discussion with speakers of Muslim faith as well as concerning the problem of intercultural coexistence in Europe in a time of increased migration. The conference proceedings have been published by EOS-Verlag under the title Kann man so lieben? (ISBN: 978-3-8306-7893-9).



Love, Body, and Passion – Being a Person from the Perspective of the Theology of the Body

2nd International Conference on the Theology of the Body 

Eichstätt, November 2014


What are we eventually looking for in our love for the other? What promise lies in this “You”? What basic conditions are part of our lives? What makes us a person, a man, a woman? These were some of the opening questions the over 300 participants of the conference dedicated themselves to. Purpose and methods equaled those of the first conference in 2011: the conference invited all to further explore the scientific basis of theology and anthropology by John Paul II and their realization in medicine, pastoral practice, art, pedagogy, marriage, and family. Once again the speakers came from Europe, the United States and Africa. The Bishop of Regensburg, Dr. Rudolf Voderholzer, talked about “The human being is a person”. Other speakers included Dr. Teresa Suárez del Villar, doctor, couple therapist and sexual therapist in Madrid; Prof. Josef Spindelböck, moral theologian from St. Pölten, and many others. The proceedings have been published recently:  Liebe, Leib und Leidenschaft – Personsein aus der Sicht der Theologie des Leibes (ISBN 978-3-8306-7835-9).


Love, Body, and Passion

1st International Conference on the Theology of the Body by John Paul II.

Eichstätt, May 2011


Speakers from six countries in three continents met from May 13-15, 2011 to introduce the approximately 200 participants to the basics of John Paul II’s observations about love, marriage and sexuality during lectures, discussions, workshops and film presentations. Experts from theology, medicine, pedagogy and other disciplines explained theoretical-scientific aspects and complemented them with practical experiences from pastoral practice and education. The keynote lecture was held by S.E. Bishop Jean Laffitte, Titular Bishop of Entrevaux and Secretary of the Papal Council for Family in Rome. Other speakers included, for instance, married couple Prof. Norbert and Renate Martin who have been members of the Papal Family Council since its foundation; additionally, Prof. Michael Waldstein who published the Wednesday Catecheses in English. The results of the conference were published by the publishing house FE-Medien: Liebe, Leib und Leidenschaft – Reflexionen und Exemplarische Eindrücke (ISBN: 978-3-86357-050-7).