I fell in love with your eyes

Concert on Saturyday, November 11, 2017, 8 pm

Marco Squicciarini, guitar

Manoli Ramírez de Arellano, vocals

        Rafael Andreo, guitar

Manoli Ramírez de Arellano (vocals), Marco Squicciarini und Rafael Andreo (both guitar) gave their first concert together in 2003 with Spanish folk songs. Each of them lives their passion for music while also holding regular jobs. Even so, by now they have had performances in several countries: Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Russia. The most important mile stone during these years was their 2009 recording of a CD titled „Mi tierra, Amor y canto” (My country. Love and song). It contains some of their most beautiful and popular songs. 

For the concert „I fell in love with your eyes”, they selected love songs in light of the central theme of the conference. The topic is love, this all-encompassing and at the same time special feeling which has always been a source of inspiration for literature and music. All peoples express the feelings they associate with love individually, with their own accents and elements stemming from their own culture and – in the case of music – from folklore. From a musical point of view, a fado, a tango, a Spanish copla and a Sephardic song are not the same. However, they all sing about love in an original and expressive way. 

They are songs talking about the loved, but absent person, about an unanswered love or about the blissful joy that stems from the certainty of being loved. „I cannot live without you” cries, for instance, the Galician song „Lela” or the famous Argentinian tango “On the day you will like me”. Both express those feelings with a unique beauty which is why they have always moved us. This is why we can say that these songs are for everyone, for all of us. Because they talk about something that is a part of me, that belongs to me, even if its origins lie way, way back. 

That is the secret of folk music.