Conference Program 

The talks are given in the language of the speaker. Translations in German, English, and Italian are available with headphones.

Friday, November 22nd 2019


from 1 pm :: Registration


3 pm :: Welcoming Address

Prof. Dr. Burkard M. Zapff

Chair of Old Testament Studies | Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt



Erzbischof Dr. Nikola Eterović 

Apostolic Nuntio | Berlin


3.15 pm :: Man and Woman – in Difference and Mutual Relationship: Aspects of an Old Testament Anthropology

Prof. Dr. Burkard M. Zapff, Chair of Old Testament Studies | Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt


4.15 pm :: Life as a Gift of Self – Romantic Ideal or Return to Reality? 

Prof. José Granados, Vice president of  Pope John Paul II. Institute | Rome


5.15 pm :: break


5.45 pm :: The Anthropological Approach of St. John Paul II. is the Pastoral one of Pope Francis

Prof. Rocco Buttiglione, Edith Stein Institute of Philosophy | Granada


7.00 pm :: dinner (prior booking required)


8.30 pm :: Holy Mass in Hl. Kreuz Kirche, Kapuzinergasse (opposite the university).

                   For the opportunity of (con-)celebration please contact P. Hubert Dybala CP        

                   (; Tel. 0152-06257728).

                   After Mass, Eucharistic Adoration with Confession.

                   Possibility of individual blessing at the end.

Saturday, November 23rd 2019


9.00 am :: Introduction

Maria Groos, chairwoman Knotenpunkt – Begegnung verbindet e.V. | Eichstätt


9.15 am :: Losing Each Other to Find Each Other Again – about Forgiveness in Marriage

P. Mauro-Giuseppe Lepori, Abbot General Cistercian | Rome


10.15 am :: break


10.45 am :: The Unity of the Person – Personality Development and Sexual Education of Young People

Dr. Elisabeth Luge, director TeenStar Deutschland | Lohr a.M.

Francesca Diefenhardt, student, TeenStar participant | Munich

P. José Clavería FSCB, director Fondazione Sacro Cuore | Milan


12.15 pm :: lunch (prior booking required)


The seminars  in the afternoon are offered twice throughout the afternoon, so you have to make a choice! Please note the times.

The seminars include a 45-minute lecture as well as an equal amount of time for questions and discussion. As they are offered in two rounds, you can attend two of them. 

The two forums last the whole afternoon, so that a combination with a seminar is not possible.

At the Youth Forum, lecture segments and discussion alternate. At the Theological Forum, there are initially six lecture segments of 15 minutes each that are followed by questions and discussion.

The practical courses are a taster course for children and teenagers,  and also last the whole afternoon with the necessary breaks. 

Begin 2.30 and 4.30 pm | break from 4.00 to 4.30 pm

When registering, you will be asked to sign up for the events .



  • A Song of Ascents – The Joint Journey of Zion to Jerusalem
    The House of Prayer Amen for the Dialogue between Jews, Christians and Muslims
    Tamar Elad-Applebaum, rabbi | Jerusalem 
    P. Alberto Pari,
    Custody of the Holy Land | Jerusalem
  • What is actually "Theology of the Body"? An Introduction
    Dr. med. Anne Pralong, palliative care physician | Cologne
  • In Love, Engaged, Married, Widowed - What will Become of this Vocation? A Testimony
    Ruth Kanal, assistant editor | Rome
  • Confrontation with Oversexualisation and Pornography in Childhood - What Parents Can Do 
    Annett Arnold
    , social education worker | Colditz
  • Pornography Consumption and Online Sex Addiction among Teenagers 
    Dipl. Päd. Eberhard Freitag, director return Fachstelle Mediensucht | Hannover


From 2.30 and 6.00 pm | break from 4.00 to 4.30 pm


Youth Forum: Called to love? - Questions, Doubts, Desires

  • Is it really Possible to Love Each Other Forever? 
    Dr. Teresa Suárez del Villar
    physician and sexual therapist, Centro Raíceslecturer John Paul II Institute  Madrid

Theological Forum: Marriage as a Way of Christian Identity 

Forum leader: Prof. Burkard M. Zapff |  Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

  • "This is a Profound Mystery" (Eph. 5,32). The marriage of Man and Woman from a New Testament Point of View
    Dr. (desig.) Katja Hess, Department of New Testament Studies  | Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
  • The Gospel in and throughout Partnership: Reflections on the Reformatory Understanding of Marriage
    PD Dr. Christian V. Witt, Protestant theologian, Heisenberg-scholarship-recipient at Leibnitz-Institut für Europäische Geschichte, father | Mainz
  • Marriage as Sacrament in Time: Between Promise and Forgiveness
    Prof. José Granados, Vice president Papal John Paul II. Institute | Rome

TeenSTAR – Taster Courses 

TeenSTAR Kids is a sexual education program for children from 9 to 12 years. It works in the context of body, love and the creation of new life and appreciates the involvement of the parents. In the two separate workshops "Sternstunden" for girls and "Abenteuer Erwachsenwerden" for boys, the children are offered a shortened version of the program in essential aspects. The course is offered in German only. 

  • "Sternstunden" – workshop for girls ages 9-12
    Ariane Golling, physician and mother | Augsburg  
  • "Abenteuer Erwachsenwerden" – workshop for boys ages 9-12 
    Pius Grammetbauer, student| Munich  

The TeenSTAR Youth Programme workshop is aimed at teenagers between the ages of 13 and 15.  This is a time for questions and reflection: Who am I? How do I shape my relationships with other people? What is important to me in life? Finding answers is not necessarily easy, but it is essential for becoming aware of your own personality. Concrete topics will be the difference between "being in love – love" and " friendship between girls and boys." Through their questions and exchanges, the young people will find the answers that suit them personally. The course is offered in German only. 

  • Workshop for girls ages 13-15
    Elisabeth Pesahl, teacher and mother  | Leidersbach

6.15 pm :: dinner (prior booking required)


8.30 pm :: Evening of Music


Sunday, November 24th 2019


9.00 am :: Pontifical Mass at the Cathedral


10.45 am :: With this, You are Sanctified to Me – Sanctity and Love in Jewish Tradition 

Tamar Elad-Appelbaum, Rabbi Jerusalem


11.45 am :: The Hidden Power of Womanhood

Dr.Teresa Suárez del Villar, physician and sexual therapist, Centro Raíceslecturer John Paul II Institute Madrid


12.45 pm :: Closing Statements
Bishop Dr. Gregor Maria Hanke OSB| Eichstätt

You can download a printer-friendly version of the program here:

Is it possible to love this way program
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