Gift and Vocation

Amoris Laetitia and the preparatory meeting for the Youth Synod in Rome in March 2019 with more than 300 participants from all over the world, and another 15,000 online via Facebook groups, provided inspiration for the choice of this topic. 


Amoris Laetitia dedicates the entire Chapter 3 to the "vocation of the family" and speaks twenty times about the Christian vocation of the child, the vocation of man and woman to love and holiness, the vocation of the building up of the Church. Even more frequently, it mentions the gift of life, creation, sexuality, marriage and the child.


Some quotes from the final document of the meeting:

"Young people are concerned and worried about issues such as sexuality, addiction, failed marriages, broken families […]. There are often great differences of opinion among young people about teachings that are particularly controversial today […]. These include contraception, abortion, homosexuality, living together, marriage... That is why these young people would like the Church to either change her teachings, or at least give access to a better explanation, more information, and education on these issues […]. young people generally understand what it means to give meaning to life and to live for a goal, but many do not know how this can be linked to vocation as a gift and the call of God […] there is a need for a better understanding of Christian vocation (to priesthood and religious life, lay ministry, marriage and family, role in society, etc.) and the universal call to holiness."


The clarity of both documents both surprised and delighted us – and led to the title of the conference. The contributions of our conference propose answers and present them for discussion – for people of all ages and vocations!